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We are open for all your haircare needs!


Your safety and comfort remains the top priority, and any feedback helps guide the actions that support wellness and distancing when you choose Travis Dowdy Hair Salon. There have been safety measures put in place at every step in your hair care experience.


Here is what you can expect: Confidence in your safety.


Starts as you book your appointment. There is a consent form available online that every client must read and agree upon before any appointments will be accepted. Booking time between each client has been increased to shorten time in the salon and reduce contact while maintaining client distance. We are not taking any walk-ins to help maintain proper social distancing. Only clients with an appointment will be allowed in the salon (no guest will be allowed in without an appointment) to minimize contact with others. Masks are required at check in and should be worn the entire time you are in the shop. Plexiglass with decals will be placed in the waiting area  to encourage and maintain safe distance while waiting for your stylist.          


Your relaxing shampoo experience will not change. But additional steps for your safety have been added. Each bowl and chair will be wiped and disinfected before client use. Plexiglass shields will be installed behind each bowl for added comfort, and all combs and brushes will be disinfected after each use. The dryer area chair and hoods will be wiped before each use as well.


Each stylist will have on a mask, if not they will serve you behind our plexiglass face shield. Each styling chair will be wiped down and sanitized before each client along with all combs and brushes. All capes and smocks will be used once per client. 


When checking out we have replaced the iPad with a hand held device. The complete transactions can be done by the stylist without you touching it at all. If you don’t feel comfortable with us signing your name or keying in the tip, we can send you an invoice on the spot to your email address and you will be able to complete your checkout with the use of your personal device. 


Your finish, styling, and cutting experience remains the priority, and we have no doubt you will continue to love the satisfaction that Travis Dowdy’s Salon has become known for.


In addition to:

  • Each Restroom, and all touch points in the salon will be wiped and disinfectant on a two hour rotation.


The air in the salon will be completely recirculated every two hours through an industrial-grade ventilation system, required by the city of Atlanta to remove all chemical fumes from the air. We are one of the few salons that has this type of ventilation.


  • Each client will have to read and agree to a Covid-19 questionnaire online at the time of booking their (online only) appointment. You may also receive a call confirming your appointment and the understanding of the questionnaire.


  • If there’s a change in your haircare services or dates please call or email us at within 48 hours of your appointment time due to the additional service time given.  We need an ample amount of time to accommodate any changes, and We may NOT be able to accommodate any add-on services that weren't booked at the time you scheduled your appointment. 


Trust we are exceeding the guidelines set by the State board of cosmetology, and you have my commitment that we will consistently deliver. If you have questions during your service, our team will be available to answer them. 


While this crisis has forced us to distance ourselves, we are committed to making sure your healthy hair needs are met with the same 100% satisfaction, and the salon experience that we are known for has gotten even better. I will continue to communicate with you and ask that you share any feedback you have. You can rest assured that we are taking every step to keep you safe while providing all your hair care needs when you are ready to visit with us again.  




Travis Dowdy

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